Vinsaint Victor Assian Biography Of CEO Tune Promo, Sasy Tv

Vinsaint Victor Assian, Ceo Sasy Tv, Ceo Tune Promo.

Vinsaint Victor will be on our profile section today. we will be giving you the complete profile of popular Entertainment blogger, music promoter, known in showbiz as Vinsaint Victor. A passionate blogger and music promoter in Ghana.

Date of Birth: 18/04/1996
Nationality: Nigerian
Country of resident: Ghana

Vinsaint Victor Assian

Victor vinsaint the Ceo of Sasy Entertainment Gh, Sasy Tv and Tune Promo was born in Akwa Ibom State Nigeria.

He started his education in Nigeria, where he obtained his basic certificates and went to Ghana to further his education.
He obtain his Bsc degree in computer Science and where he venture into the entertainment industry. Here he came up with the idea of SasyEntGh his first entertainement blog now known as SasyGh. SasyGh is an entertainment blog that focus on putting the artist, the actors, the actress and models in the spotlight.
they cover branding, profiling, articles, interviews using. Sasy Gh (SasyGh) over time grew to produce an online Tv channel known as Sasy Tv. Sasy Tv helps to interview the up and coming talents and put thier voices out there.

Social Media Handles


Vinsaint Victor Assian, Ceo Sasy Tv, Ceo Tune Promo.
Vinsaint Victor Assian, Ceo Sasy Tv, Ceo Tune Promo.

He later founded Tune Promo (Tunepromo) in 2018.

A music distribution and marketing website, dedicated to helping artist market and distribute their music to all digital stores . Tune promo has helped a lot of artist to distribute their music both in Ghana and Nigeria. He has helped bring a lot of up and coming artist, models, comedians, actors and actress to the spotlight.

Although Tune promo is an independent company, it has been able to provide support to a lot of talented ones in the entertainment industry.


1. Professional Website Design
2. Promoting of Events using the right Online mediums and platforms
3. Managing of social media pages
4. Creating a professionally designed blog
5. Writing of content
6. Music promotion/Video promotion
7. Help create and manage your brand
8. Music, Video uploads
9. Music marketing and distribution
10. YouTube Promotion
11. Ads Management

Contact him on Whatsapp +233273962214
or call +233543471059 email:

ceo sasy tv Assian Victor Vinsaint
ceo sasy tv Assian Victor Vinsaint

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