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Black Sharif Becomes The First Ghanaian Artist To Break In Nigeria Music Industry

The young man came with fire and is not surprising he is taking the over with brute force. Mohammed Ismail Sherif famed Black Sharif is an afro beat artist from Konongo Ghana who is living his dreams at the age of 20. Kwaku Frimgpong as otherwise called broke into the Ghana music industry with his first sermon and Ghanaians all loved and that alone gave him the stage to perform with some celebrities in the country.

Not long afterwards, he dropped his second sermon which captured people like Nigerian super star Burna Boy who had to jump on the remix and took it the Nigeria way. ever since the remix, Black sharif found his way into the heart of Nigerians and just few days ago he drop what is now the biggest song in Ghana so far with almost 1 million views on the audio slide in just 5 days he titled this one Kwaku The Traveller

While we didn’t expect, Kwaku The Traveller become the trending song in Nigeria with all the celebrities jumping to and in no time even the young knew the lyrics making Black Sharif the first Ghana artist to successfully hit it big in the Nigerian Music Industry.

Check Out Kwaku The Traveller below